About Us


Heart of the North was established in 1999 to provide quality housing in Northwestern Wisconsin. Since then, we have become Burnett County’s largest Home builder having built over 100 homes by listening to what our customers want and need and then designing and building the homes that really are their “dream homes”.

What people have said about us;

“I wish that I had gone (to Heart of the North Homes) instead…” I own an All-American home. I did not purchase it from Heart of the North, it was from someone who is not in the business anymore. I called Heart of the North Homes and they helped me with my questions. I love my All-American Home!!! I would highly recommend All-American Homes to anyone purchasing a modular home. Contractors have been in my home and thought it was custom built. It is economical to heat. I can’t say enough. Customer service seems to be there at Heart of the North, I wish that I had gone there instead of where I went! Carol Tillman, Hayward, WI

Of all of the modular dealers that we did business with, Heart of the North had the best reputation and the least problems. You know what you are doing. Paul Krueger, former manager of the local Superior Walls.

“Stronger than stick built!” Al, You told us when we built our All-american Home last year, that they were built stronger than normal stick built homes. Well, we had a chance to put that to the test a few weeks ago. I was up on the balcony monitoring a severe storm as it approached when a funnel cloud formed and dropped about 200 yards away. I ran to the basement and the tornado plowed directly into the back of our house. It uprooted several large trees and tore the air conditioner off of the house and threw it about 20 yards away.We did not have a yard yet and the storm moved the dirt around to cause water to pool about 2 feet deep against the house.

After the tornado passed, I quickly borrowed a Bobcat and created a trench to let the water drain away from the house. Even though the house took a direct hit from the tornado, there was absolutely no structual damage to the house itself. (we lost some shingles and it loosened some siding) My neighbors did not fare quite so well. Rick and Jenni Smisson, Harris, MN.

For more about this subject go to; allamericanhomes.com/fema.htm)

Thank You for all your hard work on our beautiful new Cabin! Lowell and Lori Colliander (12/2012)

Just so you know Al, you would get five stars (out of 5). We appreciate your work on this project! Kathy Roberts (11/2013)

And the following from the code compliance inspecter on the same job..”Nice Project!”(9/2013)

eart of the North is located at 24729 Highway 35/70 on the west frontage road north of Siren, WI and south of Highway 70 north (to Spooner). Our models are open by appointment during the Winter (December – March)

We hope to see you soon!